0 plugs plug it Why Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage? Submitted by Greg Sullivan on 2008-03-24 (0 requests) Report article spam Imagine the scenario. Months into your grueling house search, you have finally found The One. The location is right and the home and property fulfill your wish list to a T. You have already unpacked your boxes and stretched out on your expansive deck├ó€¦in your imagination. The only thing standing ... Read more (570 words) 0 plugs plug it Property Submitted by Parmdeep Vadesha on 2008-03-24 (3 requests) Report article spam Property investment is an ideal option if a person wants to expand his/her financial assets. The owner has the prerogative of updating the property as per his own wishes whilst having the exclusive right to use it whenever he wants for his own benefit. Properties are of various types like ... Read more (518 words) 0 plugs plug it 5 Ways to improve your English without even trying! for people who speak Englis... Submitted by Kim Rogers on 2008-03-24 (1 request) Report article spam Learning a second language can be a very stressful and arduous task if you let it. Somehow, the words you learn in the books don't seem to apply very well to real life situations. Those small and seemingly un-important elements the show a person to be in command of not ... Read more (1185 words) 1 plug plug it The IP Audit: Driving by the Rear-View Mirror Submitted by Ron Carson on 2008-03-24 (2 requests) Report article spam by Ron Carson Regional Sales Director Innovation Asset Group, Inc. Previous posts have discussed the dichotomy between the importance of intellectual property (i.e. IP is responsible for >80% of the value of companies) and the degree to which it is mis-managed (70% of execs believe it is managed as a ... Read more (1071 words